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Online Diagnostic Service 

Buy the right spares, first time - save time & money

FAULT DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE - Just 10 (refundable on purchase)

Simply email the fault description, including the fault code number from any Agfa d-Lab:

1.) You can get the fault code number by going to "i" for info, highlighting the fault in the error list and hitting "?" for details (or from the log file info, see below).
2.) Email the machine model, fault description and the fault code - E-MAIL your enquiry
3.) You will receive a Paypal invoice for 10 + VAT, refundable if you buy a part from us.
4.) The diagnosis and parts recommendation will follow when you pay the charge.
NOTE- The diagnostic charge is refundable as a credit against the purchase of any spare part that we recommend for the fault and Photo-Services customers with a paid up service contract will not be charged for using this facility.

 E-MAIL your enquiry - Please include machine model & fault description as well as fault code for Agfa machines

Remember - we stock new and used parts - worldwide shipping

Agfa: d-Lab1, d-Lab2, msc 101 & 200, all film processors - new and used spares

Also breaking Gretag 740 Digital and Noritsu 25 & 26 printers and 430 film pros


Your d-Lab writes data in logfiles as each operation occurs, accessing this information can greatly increase the success of fault diagnosis, follow the steps below to get a fault code and email it to us for diagnosis. It's simple if you follow the instructions below:
1.) Operate your machine until the fault occurs then, without shutting down or performing an "ON - System Reset", select "i" for info (top right corner of screen) and then select "Service Functions" from the options within info. You will then have to hit "yes". Alternatively you can get to Service Functions from the "Test" button on the bottom of the normal screen.
2.) Once into Service Functions you will have a screen with a list of folders in the top left quarter, from this list find the Logfiles folder. It will have a name similar to this:
 "Logfiles - C:\Dlab1\d-lab.1-DLAB1_10-00D_123k\Logfiles"
Note - this example is for a d-Lab1 on software version 10-00D, these numeric parts may differ on your machine, but it all works just the same. The important part is the first word - Logfiles.
3.) When you hit the + in the box beside the Logfiles folder the contents will expand, this will reveal a list of dated folders and below them a folder called "LASTSESSION" and then a folder called "LFWDump". Below all these folders a list of files begins, simply look for "LK1.log" and double click on it. This will launch a new window.
4.) In this new window you can read the logfiles, the title will read something like:
"DLAB logfile created on Wednesday, November 08, 2008 at 06:31:19" 
Below this title the logfiles will begin, they look like this: 
 "06:31:49   BOOK   0x03d0   LK1 Watchdog   WD working"
5.) The first part of each line is the time, so all you have to do is look down to the time when the fault occurred (usually near to the bottom if it has just happened). Most of the entries have the word "BOOK" after the time, you have to spot a line or lines which have "ERROR" instead of "BOOK", as per the example below:
"14:26:33.671   ERROR   0x04f4   LK1main<4>   Paper prosser error ID 5515597   cleared <REMOVED>"
6.) Note down this ID number, 5515597 in the example above (which means the door was open) and email it with a description of the fault so we can provide a diagnosis
NOTE - If you have done an "ON - System Reset" or have shut down and restarted since the fault occurred then you must look at the LK1.log situated inside the "LASTSESSION" folder instead, otherwise the procedure is the same.
IMPORTANT - There are areas within the Service Functions page where you could do serious harm to your machine, following the procedure above is completely harmless but other operations in this section should only be attempted by a qualified service engineer.

 E-MAIL your enquiry - Please include machine model & fault description as well as fault code for Agfa machines

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