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NEW Blitz V2. Foams - Clings - Cleans
Total Processor Cleaner & Renovator. Foaming action removes the unpleasant misting or fuming normally associated with powerful cleaning products.

Rapidly foams away all traces of even heavily oxidised developer, chemical scale and stains from ALL racks/rollers and other components within the processor.

Also available in 5 litre containers for soak tank applications or as 1 litre refills.


NEW 1 litre Sprint V2 Foams-Clings-Cleans
Multi - Purpose All around the Lab Cleaner, Tar remover, Plate Cleaner and stain remover.

New foaming, fast acting cleaner. Does not Fume or Mist. Powerful foaming action coats the surface to remove even sticky, developer tar. Use around the lab to keep all equipment including fume cabinets and mixing vessels sparking clean. N.B. For deep total processor cleaning/renovation use NEW foaming BLITZ V2

Also available 5 litre containers for soak tank applications or as 1 litre refills.


The Hydra ADE 24 World Renowned Fully Automatic
In-Line Dosing System
, together with Hydra's PhotoClear Plus or Super Concentrate PCP

Fitted in minutes - Kills algae/bioslime in seconds

Permanently eliminate bio-slime from your processors wash tanks by automatically injecting PhotoClear Plusinto your processor water supply feeding the wash tanks. Keeps wash tanks crystal clean and free running 24 hours a day. Fitted to All makes and types of processors including 1st wash tanks between chemistry and reversal processing.


PhotoClear Plus
Safe, multi algaecide for use through Hydra's ADE24 System

STOP Expensive Downtime. Jamming or Slipping of Rollers. Dirty, Ruined work. Blockages and Flooding. PhotoClear Plus is non corrosive, safe and totally biodegradable. Its rapid action permanently stops slime build-up from forming in your processors wash tanks.

Click here for link to Hydra International

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