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Deleting the .done files 

How to delete the ".done files" on a D-Lab 1

Useful if a d-lab 1 will not boot up and keeps returning to a screen with 2 kids eating icecream and a sub text about Image PC or IPU data base initialization

N.B. do not delete any other files and follow these steps carefully or else serious damage may occur. If you are in any doubt about your ability to follow this procedure then get an engineer to do this for you.
You will need a USB keyboard and mouse connected to the D-Lab1 via the sockets on the panel behind and below the right hand side of the monitor.
Attempt a restart (green "on" button or power off and on) and wait until the icecream picture comes up and the sub text says it is initializing the IPU PC database (or similar)
1.) Hold Alt and press Ctrl (1, 2 or 3 times max) until the watchdog task manager window appears
Note - if d-lab screen comes over the top of your window then hold Alt and use Tab to get back to the window you are working in.
2.) Select Control
3.) Select Explorer in dropdown and hit Execute
4.) Hit Hide to get rid of Watchdog  (important - not Close)
5.) In the Explorer window which has opened select Search
6.) In box for files and folder names type *.done
Note the * is usually above the 8 key on a standard UK keyboard
7.) Select option to search C: program files
8.) Hit Search now
9.) This will bring up a list of all files with the suffix .done (usually 11)
10.) Select Edit and then Select all
11.) This will highlight all the .done files and you hit Delete on your keyboard, then confirm that you wish to delete all the files.
12.) Close the Explorer window (hit the x in the very top right corner)
13.) Turn the machine off at the breaker (on the paper dryer end panel) and let it reboot, this will take about 15 minutes as it will have to re-write the files you just deleted.
Note - occasionally this will need to be done twice - only if the reboot fails on the same screen as the original fault

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