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Kinetronics Corporation® is one of the world's leading producers of anti-static film cleaners, anti-static brushes, anti-static cloths and anti-static gloves. For over twenty-five years Kinetronics has been providing static and dust control products for use in the photographic, imaging, cinema, graphic arts, picture framing, plastics, engraving, awards and other industrial applications.

Anti-Static Cloths

Anti-Static Cloth

ASC® - anti-static cloth used for cleaning films, acrylics, plastics, glass, lenses, plasma TV screens & monitors, computer monitors, cameras, scanners, electronics, CD's, DVD's and other static sensitive materials and surfaces.  

Anti-Static Gloves

Anti-Static Gloves

ASG® - anti-static gloves used for handling films, acrylics, plastics, electronics, optics & static sensitive materials.  

Anti-Static Brushes

Anti-Static Brushes

Static Wisk® - hand held anti-static brushes for film, glass & acrylics
Static Wisk® - anti-static brushes for laminators & ink jet printers
Static Wisk® - anti-static brushes for industrial applications
Static Wisk® - anti-static brushes for cinema platter systems

Anti-Static Brushes

Scanner Maintenance & Media Cleaning

CleanScan Kit

CleanScan® 030 Kit - media cleaning & maintenance for film & flatbed scanners  

Anti-Static, Electronic Ionizing, Film Cleaner


StaticVac© - for use with minilabs & scanners
StaticVac© - for use on cinema projectors

Anti-Static, Dissipative Brush, Film Cleaners

KSE Family

KSE® - for use with minilabs & scanners (four brush w/fan)
Kinestat© - for use with minilabs & scanners (three brush)
Ministat© - for use with minilabs & scanners (two brush)

Variable Length Splicing Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser

901 - tape dispenser for splicing tape


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